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In the long term, FRIDHA aims to be a research-action laboratory and a training center.

To this end, FRIDHA is interested in the "learning by doing" approach, an approach based on the design and implementation of projects.


According to our observations, the project generates a constructive and mobilizing dynamic organized around an objective to be achieved within a given time frame.


The project also provides a framework from which great learning and emulation often emerge, although lessons sometimes take time to digest.


It is all these stories that interest and motivate us... It is exciting to follow people who seek to live in harmony and give meaning to their actions: their twists and turns, their mistakes and errors in the process, their victories, are as many jewels as experiences that make us grow together. A bit like a series in the end, but in the concrete of everyday life....



In the long term, FRIDHA wishes to specialize in

following topics:                  

  • Management of transition processes and the entrepreneurial approach;

  • The art of dialogue, pedagogy and teaching;

  • Cultural diplomacy and building trust;

  • Societies, economy, environment and spirituality;

       Example: the value of money: doing a lot with

       little; giving meaning and value to things,

       impact investment);

  • Emerging ways of financing social innovation


FRIDHA is therefore an ecosystem that helps to boost its projects. We help each other, we exchange, we incubate, we take a break, we initiate, we dialogue, we learn, we observe, we do nothing, we wait, we inspire, we dance, we argue, we discuss, we find solutions, we laugh, we learn. Basically, we live and get rich, because we want to.


What types of projects?

  • Which result from the construction of a quality dialogue and a win-win approach

  • Which are part of a process to create an environment of trust

  • Small and humble investments with a lot of impact!

  • Projects that we follow over time like small seeds that we have sown...

Strategic goal :

Support for the financing of 50 scholarships and bursaries by 2025.

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