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Editor and Post Producer by profession, that by refusing to hide money in budgets and not using nepotism, despite my successes and needs, I have lost opportunities that have allowed me to support my family. A cook by heritage, passionate about learning and a lover of culture, I immerse myself in these worlds.

Shy about the duty to be well educated but a tireless fighter to make his dreams come true.

1.- Your background

First career actress and first job.  Editor and Post Producer of commercials and cultural documentaries. I worked for all the existing brands in the market, winner of the FONCA scholarship to make cultural documentaries and the Discovery Channel award. Executive producer and representative of film and animation companies from Canada, Peru and Costa Rica. Cook by inheritance, student of the food and protocols of the world, privileged with the gift of a seasoning that likes and seduces. Creative without limit of resources and ingenuity to solve and solve. Cultural advisor for different Mexican and foreign characters. Passionate about always learning, now dedicated to research and writing, a dream that had always been latent.

2.- Your project

To have a house of my own, where I know that I won't have to go one day, that I won't have to throw away the rent money and suffer for getting it.

My daughter Miranda, a cautious woman since she was a child, put all her savings into giving 75% to buy a little house in Izamal, a town in Yucatan where I decided to spend, perhaps the last years of my life. The remaining 25% was to be paid at 18 months in monthly instalments that represent almost half of my monthly salary.

The house is so small that to fit it had to be renovated: expand the only room, add a space using a small open terrace and extending it to make the kitchen and dining room, in that space will eventually go the staircase to access two rooms to be built on a second floor in the future. They made me a budget of how much it would cost to do that work and a friend told me that she lent me the money to do it and make us a home of our own.

3.- Its challenges and obstacles

The contractor who was in charge of the project, who was in charge of 52 bricklayers, did not comply with the agreement, on the other hand I had the pressure and weekly reminders from the owners of the house that I had to leave the house in July 15 because they had already sold it, I asked permission to stay until the end of the month only in my room and with the refrigerator and I took out all my furniture and library, with which I work, to a house in disuse that they lent me. Faced with constant pressure, the bricklayer insisted that if I didn't have all the building material (which he bought), I couldn't move forward and fell into his trap under the duty of having to leave the house I rented. The little that the bricklayer was doing was badly done, it was a deception that I realized, thanks to the fact that he illegally climbed up to put my wall on the neighbor's roof, and that the neighbor's house cracked because it was an old masonry house. When the neighbor hires a lawyer to sue, the guy runs away with my money and I discover that he didn't build a foundation, the guy knew it couldn't be roofed because it would fall, the electricity in the bathroom was only connected to a cable, in reality there was no electricity, the pipes in the bathroom, they had left it broken under rubble from where the kitchen floor would be laid. Thanks to the fact that everything had to be opened in order to lay the foundations and be able to make the room, we realized everything.

Everything stopped in August, we had to demolish what was badly done and do everything well, in a way that had not been contemplated and that requires much more construction material and labor.

I felt old and senile, an abusive took advantage of how pressured I was, I was obfuscated and I was afraid that he would steal 10% of what he ended up stealing from me and instead of throwing it out, I continued begging him to comply.

I have cried my failure and it is hard for me to forgive myself for having been so blind and so lacking in daring to make the decision I knew I had to make and also went with the money leaving me living in a room, with no possibility of finishing because there are no walls, no roof, no electricity, no plumbing, no windows, no door to what will be the kitchen and dining room and everything is a continuous space, so the little house is not habitable. I live in a bedroom, I have a work table and refrigerator, nothing to cook with, I thought it would only be a couple of weeks, three and a half months and still three weeks to live the house, if I can have the money to finish the essentials, even if it is not painted, and there is no place to store kitchen utensils among other things.

  4.- What Fridha has been able to contribute to this dynamic

When Aurèlie learns of what I am living, of my anguish, of my detriment that caused the loss of my usual blind faith in difficult situations, she tells me that she wanted to give me a birthday present for a trip to Europe, but that she saw that in this moment of my existence it would be better to give me the money to be able to start the construction and to have a normal life again and not to be living the life of deprivation. 

Generously she asked me to write a story about everything, to be stimulating for others and that Fridha will help me to be able to stretch.

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